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Package of various GUI elements. Useful for all occasions. Usage example: for background space, websites, construct 2, unity, mobile game etc.

List files
+ File PSD [1800x1080px, No Vector, Many Layers, Grouped]
+ Files PNG [57 UI Elements: Transparent]

[You can use it in COMMERCIAL and FREE projects. ]


This bundle contains absolutely all assets, gaming, educational, music, etc.

 + 20.000 Game Assets
+ 3.000 Pixel Game Assets
+ UI User Interface
+ Sprites 2D
+ Icons
+ Backgrounds
+ Many assets

+ Layouts Graphic Interface Design (GUI)
+ Sliced Sprites Graphic Interface Design (GUI)
+ (Vector/Bitmap images) Layouts Graphic Interface Design (GUI)
+ (Vector/Bitmap) Black and white icons
+ Hand-drawn icons + Icons of abilities, spells
+ Video footages
+ Space backgrounds
+ Natural backgrounds
+ Abstract backgrounds, etc. 

By format: PSD, PSD, JPG, PNG, ASL, SVG, MP4, CAPX
By Image resolution:High quality Icons from 256x256px and below.

GUI RESOLUTION: 1920x1080px, 2560x2440px
(* some layouts have different sizes)


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Wenrexa Interface UI KIT #4.zip 3 MB

Development log


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Hi! Awesome assets! I used them for a small game jam project: https://feuillemorteentertainment.itch.io/scrambled!
(also, Rainbow Dash is cool <3)

thank you very much, it helped me a lot

Did you remove the health bars, stamina UI? These are nowhere to be found.

(ProgressBar PNG) - not included in this project. They are only in the PSD layout.
This project is very old, a long time ago I did not keep them in PNG (ProgressBar). I will do it later...

Please, if that's possible, I'd appreciate it greatly.

(1 edit)

I added this... Download again:)

Omg, thank you! How do I rate? I want to rate this a 5/5 or 10/10 whatever the highest rating they got you went out of your way to add it for me, I am so thankful man like really though I think you deserve a high rating not just because you did this because your service was nice, quick and easy and you work hard on these, they really deserve more recognition.

Deleted 1 year ago

very good

Thank you!:)

and it's free, awesome!

Thank you!:)

looks nice idk if fits my game

I am glad :)

can I use it in an amateur commercial game?

Yes! Commercial and free use;

Thanks a lot for making this free :D It looks awesome, keep up the good work !

Thank you very much!:)