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[SIZE: 2 GB 910 MB High Resolution, PNG, PSD, JPEG]

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High Quality Of Assets
1 Asset = 1 File
Total Files: + 7.522 Files
Lastest Update: 06.02.2022


This bundle includes the following assets by category:
Sprites, Graphical Interfaces, Cursors, Background Screensavers and Wallpapers, Icons, Sources if possible. 

When purchasing assets, put your rate on this package.
Just do it!

+ A huge number of assets for specific tasks.
+ GUI Enabled buttons state (Normal, Hover, Active, Disable).
+ High quality images and high resolution sprites.
+ You can download the assets separately, only the ones you need.
+ A large selection of multi-color variations and sizes.
+ Unique design of sprites, backgrounds and other elements.
+ The ability to edit GUI at your discretion/Photoshop only.
+ Net structure of all packages (Categories, subcategories, etc.)
+ Sometimes: New asset packages can be added to this package for free at any time, day or month. However, this is my choice.
+ You can get acquainted with each asset package on the page of the asset itself in the list of all assets. Links to assets are listed in the asset sheet.
+ It is more profitable to purchase this bundle of assets than to buy all the assets separately.
+ No special skills are required to work with sprites, the exception may be PSD files.

*** On the holographic interface items (potions and icons) need to be purchased separately, additionally you can simply purchase the entire bundle of all assets and get all necessary assets.
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+ Wenrexa Assets Sprites Tetris Blocks
+ Wenrexa Assets Colorful Christmas Balls
+ Wenrexa Assets Abstract Emblems Of The Kingdoms
+ Wenrexa Assets Banners of the Kingdoms
+ Wenrexa Assets Cursors Magic Crystal
+ Wenrexa Assets Chess Board
+ Wenrexa Assets Additional Backgrounds Abstract + Art
+ Wenrexa Assets PRO UI DarkBlue
+ Wenrexa Assets UI Dark Miko
+ Wenrexa Assets Inventory Resource Icons [Minerals] #1
+ Wenrexa Assets Icons - Skill & Spell Icon Pack #5 +80
+ Wenrexa Assets Food Icons & Inventory
+ Wenrexa Assets UI Hologram Interface & Inventory ***

WENREXA GAME ASSETS #1 This bundle of assets is a continuation of the first bundle +20,000 assets. You can purchase the first bundle of assets at this link separately!


Wenrexa Entertainment
Release date Oct 18, 2021
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
Tags2D, Asset Pack, assets, GameMaker, Graphical User Interface (GUI), Icons, RPG Maker, Sprites, Unity, User Interface (UI)
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_ShareAlike v4.0 International


Get this Assets Bandle Pack and 68 more for $33.98 USD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
85% Off
$250.00 $37.50 USD or more

In order to download this Assets Bandle Pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $37.50 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Wenrexa Assets Tetris Blocks.zip 182 MB
Wenrexa Assets Abstract Emblems Of The Kingdoms.zip 24 MB
Wenrexa Assets Cursors Magic Crystal.zip 14 MB
Wenrexa Assets Chess Board 2048x2048px.zip 376 MB
Wenrexa Assets Chess Board 4048x4048px.zip 578 MB
Wenrexa Assets Wenrexa Christmas Balls.zip 396 MB
Wenrexa Assets Additional Backgrounds Abstract.zip 3.7 MB
Wenrexa Assets Backgrounds - Original Colors + PSD Art.zip 376 MB
Wenrexa Assets Backgrounds - Other Colors.zip 894 MB
Wenrexa Assets PRO UI DarkBlue.zip 39 MB
Wenrexa Assets Inventory Resource Icons [Minerals] #1.zip 6.3 MB
Wenrexa Assets Icons - Skill & Spell Icons Pack #5.zip 19 MB
Wenrexa Assets GUI Dark Miko.zip 1.8 MB
Wenrexa Assets Food Icons & Inventory.zip 5.7 MB
Wenrexa Assets UI Hologram Interface & Inventory.zip 2.8 MB
Wenrexa Assets Banners Kingdoms.zip 42 MB

Development log


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Does someone have to credit you to use your assets? what would happen if they didn't.

Everything will be fine! You don't have to indicate authorship!


Several files in the Wenrexa Assets Icons - Skill & Spell Icon Pack #5 [80-960].zip are corrupt. Neither Windows 10 nor 7zip will extract about 8 files from it. 7zip states that the file does not exist in the archive for each of the 8. Redownloading does not help/

You need to use not 7zip but regular zip unpacking. Download the archive again, right click on the file and unpack in the usual way. I checked everything works.

It takes much longer than the 7zip way. I am kinda disappointed at the spell and skill pack, however. The icons themselves are good but are ruined by the black background. Can you make transparent background versions?

Good afternoon. This is the final result of the work, as originally intended.


Great asset pack! I stumbled accross you searching for banners and I just had to buy this huge pack, you will be featured in my games for sure! Much love <3

Wow, Thank You:))

Hi. I just bought this pack but found that Wenrexa Assets Banners of the Kingdoms in the list is not included in the downloads. Will you upload it?


I added this asset pack. You are a great fellow for noticing this loss in the package.
It is strange that no one wrote to me about this ...
I apologize for the unpleasant incident.

Thanks for writing about it :)


Will this bundle still be updated in the future?


Hello. I think no. Unfortunately I don't have that option right now...

Ok, thanks for the reply!

Hello, was thinking of buying your bundle. Do your icons come in 24x24? 

Hello. Each bundle has links to icons. Look by clicking on the links of the assets, the description says what the sizes are.