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Thank you so much for this Bullets Pack :) . I use them on my game Space Menace



Are you on Twitter?

I'm not on twitter :)

is it okay to use these lasers on my project will be free and put your name in the credits for the assets.

Yes you can :)

wow this is cool

Great Job! this is amazing thanks for sharing. Im making a game and I used your laser bullets for it,  feel welcome to check it out.

Hi, wenrexa! I love your assets and the fact that you make a great deal of them free to use, I cant believe I haven't been following you. Keep up the good work!😊

Hello. Glad you like it. I would love to continue, but I need to find a new home now... Eh..

Wait, you're leaving?! Why?! And what site are you moving to, so we can come to find you?

Hello how are you?

Thanks for the great work with the assets, I wanted to let you know that I used some of them in my game - :). I put you in the credits.

Thank you :) My pleasure.


I just used one of these in a game jam game called Eye of Doooom



This game Assets, cool.

These lasers were great, however I used them as clouds in my game, feel free to drop a comment and play it over at: and drop a vote over at: Voting opens May 22nd 12pm EST :)!

Wow, Cool!:)