A downloadable game

Attention! Plugins, sounds and music that cost money and belong to third parties have been removed from the project.

The source code contains a lot of useful system elements on Construct 2 - for example (a Mini-map, a building construction system, a unit management system, a resource extraction system, save-load system).

I warn you in advance that some elements may not work correctly due to inefficiency. You can study the source code and make your own systems(project, game) based on it.

Before purchasing this product, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the game itself full free: https://wenrexa.itch.io/hope-of-humanity

* There are no hints in the code and the Cyrillic alphabet is present, but this will not prevent you from changing the project to fit your projects.
* Attention! The project was created in 2017! The project is difficult to understand!
I had no experience then...
* The project took a lot of money.

Attention! The author of the source code is Wenrexa Artepi Corporation.
Created on Construct 2 v265.