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i buy all, realy nice, thank you


Thanks to your great assets, my hacking scene was able to be completed. I've credited your name in the credits. The amount of support may be small, but it's my heartfelt gratitude. Please also come take a look at my game.


Hi. Thank you, il probably use it in a game jam so it helps me a los to do it faster. you will be in credits

oi gostaria de saber se posso usar em jogos comisais?


Thanks a lot for this Love it keep up the great job

I downloaded but dont seem to have gotten any of the military stuff

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As well as in Discord we tell you again a big Thanks for your amazing work, and thanks for this discount you are the best ;)

How do we get the PSD or vector version of this hologram interface? The PNG dimensions are too small. I would pay for it. Thank you!

Hello. I can’t choose layouts right now, because I’m not at home and I’m not sure that the probability in the next six months ...


Ok -- thanks for responding. If you ever are able to do this, you'd make me a happy customer :). Take care!


Amazing work! Can this be used on RPG Maker MV?